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Mentorship Training: Teen Leadership Development Overview


Who? 13-19 year olds


Why? We are looking for teenagers interested in becoming educators & mentors to younger students.


When? This session has ended.

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At LY2, we believe we need to shift the conversation and practices around leadership and learning. One of the areas we explore is the language we use. In order to lead a successful life & before we effectively lead others, we first need to define what success means to us. Action comes from language.


At LY2, self-care, self-compassion & becoming leaders of our own lives comes first. Here, success & leadership are defined by personal standards we create. This allows us to develop our own internal compass. This compass allows us to navigate life & to help others as they learn to navigate theirs.


In our mentorship training, teenagers will:


- have a support system of fellow teens who share a mission to serve others & who are committed to learning about how we learn


- develop skills & practices to navigate stress & pressure


- have the option to lead younger students in facilitated learning upon completion of level 2 training




- commitment to the practice and attendance (we realize illness or other obstacles happen, we just ask that this is communicated and that reach out to a community learner in this training occurs for consistency and to create a learning team with shared standards and practices).


- willingness to learn to say “I don’t know”


More about this training:


There will be future opportunities to work and mentor younger students as this program evolves.


The first phase of learning new practices & working with younger students can be humbling. Sometimes being a beginner in new areas can be difficult. The ability to be open to embodying learning allows us to model being in the unknown phases of new learning. This will help younger students. You’ll receive support & practices to develop resilience in this mentorship program.


Mentorship Training: Teen Leadership Development Logistics and Application


Location: Workshop13, 13 Church St, Ware, MA


Registration* Fee: $10 (goes toward total course fee)



Course Fee: $120 (installment payments & scholarships an option) For scholarships/partial scholarship eligibility, applications due by Saturday, March 10 by noon.





The purpose is to demonstrate by modeling and teaching teenagers to navigate questions of self identity, meaning, purpose & belonging so that they are able to cultivate their own internal self awareness to use as their guide in making life choices.


As students are entering into their next phase of self discovery, methods to embody resilience will facilitate the space for individual development of self-care, self-awareness, empathy and coping. Our methodology is based in mindfulness, neuroscience, somatics, linguistics, martial arts movements and philosophy. We will examine how to let emotions and interpretations inform us rather than responding from a reactive place or ignoring internal signals that show up.


We are always practicing something, our programming helps create practices that are aligned with what we care about & what matters to us. Lead Yourself Youth is looking to create models to show what’s possible & empower youth to make choices from a strengthened and embodied sense of self. We are here to provide resources, encouragement & a framework that teaches, engages, we are creating new neural & life pathways.


Lead Yourself Youth creates the proactive embodiment strategies to effectively navigate tough situations. Leadership embodiment allows leaders to choose how to take a stand for the future with integrity & grounding.



Registration requirements:


Successful outcomes are based on recurrence & being in a community of practice. This provides the building of new habits & provides accountability & support.


For scholarships/partial scholarship eligibility, applications due by Saturday, March 10 by noon.



Mentorship Training: Teen Leadership Development Logistics and Application



Please answer the questions below. The questions are followed with a link to a short reading and reflection to submit.


Please submit the questions and reflection in the body of an email or MS Word format to: andrea@leadyourselfyouth.org.


There is an option to pay by check of paypal for the $10 registration fee. I will send that your way upon receipt of application.


A note on the approach to answering these application questions: In the Lead Yourself Youth approach, building the capacity to say “I don’t know” & “I could use some help” are standards & practices that we will be in together. Leadership embodiment is more about becoming aligned in our individual cares & concerns & moving in life from that place than it is about an external definition of “Leadership”. Questions & conversations that don’t have a textbook answer are one way of reflecting on & beginning to create the practices for individual leadership embodiment.


The questions below don’t have a “right” or “wrong”. Please read through the questions & let them simmer for a bit before answering. They are meant to be thoughtful reflections. length of response up to you. I’m curious to get an understanding of how you see & live your world.


We have 12 spots open for this Spring.  The acceptance into this program will be based on spaces opened and your stated commitment to the program. Within a few weeks of application submission, I’ll reach out to set up a conversation to address any questions you have.


What is the breakdown, opportunity, or contribution you see by engaging in this leadership development learning?


What is your interpretation of leadership?


What does it mean to lead a good life?


Why is leadership important?


What outcomes do you seek to produce on your path to leadership embodiment?


Are you seeking to apply for a full or partial scholarship? If so, please indicate the amount you are seeking by Saturday February 20, noon along with your answers to the application questions.


Please read:




One of the claims is that we can’t think our way into relaxation.


What insights or questions do you have about how our body learns?



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