Body, Emotion and Story Awareness Reminders



When you want to learn something new, to get better at something, is a matter of practice.  When we are not competent at something, it just means we need more practice.


When learning a new practice, the key is allowing yourself time to be a beginner. Being a dignified beginner gives you the space to make mistakes knowing, it is a matter of practice. It is ok to be frustrated and anxious, you now know that you don’t have to allow that to take over. You now have choice in how you respond. By becoming aware of it and how it shows up as energy, you can acknowledge it instead of trying to “outhink” it.


In your life you may be told by others that you are good or bad or right or wrong.  You don’t have to accept that as truth. If you are told you are not doing well in a particular subject at school, with some care, time and practice, you can learn. Bring awareness to the emotion that is showing up.  If you are closed down, frustrated, not seeing possibilities, learning will become difficult. But you can learn anything just like anybody else, even if it seems to take time, we all have different ways of learning, but we all share the possibility of learning.




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