Mission and Vision:

Our capacity to see & realize possibilities is linked to those we surround ourselves with. When we surround ourselves with power & possibility, we are more likely to move in power & possibility.


Andrea Bordenca & Gina Fasser seek to create the space of power & possibility for women in our community.


Together we are forming a local community of women to meet two Sundays each month to discuss life & wellness challenges & strategies & to encourage each other.


The cost of the workshop is $5-10 per workshop $10-20 per month to cover the rental space and any supplies needed.


E-mail andrea@leadyourselfyouth.org for event details

To collaborate with women who value & are empowered by community & who seek to generate positivity together.  We seek to bring value to each individual & the collective community. We will engage in generative conversations that orient us to what's important to us. We will discuss life & wellness strategies, share ideas, encourage each other's personal development, and assist each other in attaining our individual aspirations.

Who We Are:


Andrea leads two organizations & is a Leadership Coach with Shiatsu / Acupressure experience. Andrea’s approach to leadership is holistic, combines eastern & western philosophy with a focus on building coherence with our physical body, emotional intelligence & our historical narratives.


Gina is an Integrative Nutritionist who combines her expertise in Functional Medicine, Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplements, Counseling background, and Energy work to support her clients from a body, mind, and spirit perspective.


We are women who seek to build a community founded on trust, support & empowerment of one another. We are committed to building an empowered future connected to our goals & our individual standards of care. We are committed to living healthy lifestyles, and supporting each other.

What We Do:


We meet twice each month to illuminate & expand the lens we view the world through. By learning, practicing & provoking conversations around life experience, the roles we play & the way we see ourselves & others we are creating new possibilities to increase our value & voice in the world.


We help develop each other’s skills, value and power.


We lead & support activities to infuse energy and create a new environment to stimulate a bigger vision.




• We are committed to personal development

• We encourage each other by talking about goals, vision & commitments

• We hold ourselves & each other accountable to create a supportive collaborative built on trust & integrity


Typical meeting agenda (1.5-2 hours):


First meeting Gina & Andrea to provide intro, intention, what we care about & our vision for group.


• Gina/Andrea overview & context setting for day - centering/connecting/settling somatic breath exercise. Gina’s guided exercise

• Gina, Andrea or a member from community facilitates or leads group in learning or an activity

• Share experience, navigate day, what worked well, what's relevant. Any requests?

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