Meet the Team:


We take a biopsychoeducational approach, blending nervous system education, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, psychosynthesis, linguistics, as well as somatic awareness & skills to create sustainable strategies.


Andrea Bordenca - Founder, Community Engagement Organizer


Andrea’s background is in generative leadership & Strozzi-based Somatics. Andrea has been coaching adults & leading workshops for several years. As chairperson & CEO of DESCO, a medical emergency service organization, she has intimate experience being in, and leading others who are in deep stress & anxiety.


Andrea’s focus is on leadership & learning  for kids & aspiring leaders. Andrea’s approach to leadership is holistic, combines eastern & western philosophy with a focus on building coherence with our physical body, emotional intelligence & our historical narratives. This discourse comes from the Institute for Generative Leadership, Newfield Network and Strozzi Institute.


Experience proves that teaching kids proactive ways to deal with stress, anxiety, peer pressure & working through self-identity and adolescent development anxiety creates dignity and confidence.  This reduces the probability of developing unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is good news as kids develop into adults & our future leaders.


Adults who teach, take care of and influence kids are a part of our learning and practice community. This is a part of Lead Yourself Youth’s mission to break historical & current adult-child dynamic trends.


More about Andrea:  www.andreabordenca.com


Sara Vatore - Lead Faculty Director and Somatic Educator


Sara Vatore, M.Ed., BCC, SEP is a Board Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner,  Somatic Educator, Certified Nia White Belt Instructor, and a Peak Performance Coach. With over 11 years of experience working with kids and their families and a background in school guidance counseling, Sara has a deep understanding of child development, adolescents and the difficulties that they face. She is an adjunct faculty member of Synthesis San Francisco, a Professional Psychosynthesis Coach Training program and the Peak Performance Coach for Hampshire Gymnastics' Competitive Team in Amherst, MA.


Through her understanding of the nervous system and the body, Sara helps her clients no matter the age, build capacity and resiliency in their systems, to more dynamically and easily negotiate life challenges, overcome fears and blocks and set and manifest goals. She is trained in Psychosynthesis, a holistic developmental psychological model, and uses this framework to help guide her clients to connect with what truly has meaning and value in everyday life. Sara is passionate about educating parents, teachers, coaches, and mind/body professionals about how our stress physiology and biology affect our responses when we are triggered, overwhelmed or under stress. She teaches how to build somatic awareness, so that they can have a wider lens/understanding when working with their kids, students, and clients.


Sara grew up in the Pioneer Valley and currently lives in Belchertown, MA with her husband and two boys ages 11 and 3. For more information please visit: https://www.saravatore.com






Lead Yourself Youth exists to help break the self-limiting barriers that are common within adolescent development. We care about all communities and all future leaders thriving, regardless of socioeconomic status. This is not merely to break the poverty cycle, but to offer a path to transform the institution of education for all kids one barrier at a time by providing resources to pre-teens & teens otherwise unavailable.


During our market research, we found great resources that focus on dealing with the problem after it has been identified. At Lead Yourself Youth, we build proactive stress reduction skills for both kids and adults.


Andrea & Sara have been actively engaging in this work in their private practices. The outcomes have greatly shifted clients' mindsets, level of reported stress & an improvement in school, athletic &/or work performance, as measured by grades, feedback from others', performance outcomes, or income.


Lead Yourself Youth is passionate about the programming and workshops we design for parents, educators and youth. We provide current and future leaders with the education, tools and strategies to build awareness, navigate our stress physiology, moods, and emotions, achieve peak performance, and to find more embodied balance and grounding in life.




To create the space of trust and safety within our educational system that facilitates dialogue about emotions and tough choices kids face. We serve to break the poverty cycle & the existence of underserved

communities by spreading experience through diversity for the greater economic good.


Why We Exist:


We are here to examine our reality rather than developing a defense mechanism to avoid it.  We are here to provide proactive strategies to deal with the issues 12-15 year olds face, rather than react and punish when something goes wrong.


We are here to introduce the understanding of why we think the way we think, how our habits are practices that shape us mentally, physically and emotionally and how this impacts the relationship with ourselves and with others.


We serve to create an environment of trust, safety with methods for adolescents to cope for the sake of sustainable leadership for years to come. Staying in school, knowing how to engage in healthy relationships, knowing how to connect minds to bodies and emotions will allow kids to stand in dignity, choice and grounding today and for years to come.


We are here to help break the cycle locally through the spirit of our local businesses commitment to build, serve & develop future leadership.


We are here to provide resources, encouragement & a framework that teaches, engages, we are creating new neural & life pathways.


We are here to educate mindfulness & ways to cope with tough situations. This will enforce a stronger immune system & the awareness to choose how to take a stand for the future with integrity & grounding.


Our future leadership depends on it.

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